2014 Graduates Thesis Title
Samuel Atkeson Beyond the Zero-Sum Game: Satisfying Moral Duty and Economic Demand in United States Immigration Reform
Michael Bock Place of Contamination: The Single-Family Neighborhood and American Zoning Law
Natalie Brown Analysis and Authority: An Analysis of how Convention and Race position Speakers in relation to Standard English and Legal Language
Danny Clark Power in Trust: Reexamining the Legacy of Public-Private Partnership under the National Recovery Administration, 1933-1935
Ashna Contractor The Dance of Democracy: Managing Social Pluralism through Coalition Politics in India
Meme Frimpong ‘In Someone’s Land’: A Phenomenological Exploration of What it Means to Ghanaian immigrants in the United States to be ‘Ghanaian’
Carl David Goette-Luciak The Mirrors of Miskitu and Mestizo Nicaragua: Identity Formation through Cultural Collision on the Coast
Chelsea Jack Pursuing the Truth: An Ethnographic Analysis of the Honor System at the University of Virginia
Liam McCabe Coming to Terms With the Mermaids & Other Pressing Matters
Conor O’Boyle ‘A New Balance’: Style, Substance, and the Year of Pope Francis
Herminio Rivera Sink The Lost Colony: Political Parties, Policy and Development in Puerto Rico in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Frances Russell The U.S. State Department and Women’s Rights Abroad: From Rhetoric to Reality with Respect to U.S. Involvement in Afghanistan
Ian Marshall Sander The Politics of a Croatian Witch: An Analysis of Dubravka Ugresic’s Literary-Political Project
Charlie Tyson Writing Between Forms: J. M. Coetzee and The Lives of Animals
Wonman Williams Searching for Justice at Mr. Jefferson’s University: Race, Class and Labor Relations at the University of Virginia
Larkin Wilis Building Ireland: A Sociospatial Analysis of the Multidenominational Movement
Abigail Wydra Revaluing the Body: An Analysis of Christian and Feminist Conceptualizations of Self
Haya Yaish The Stability of Instability: A Historical, Political, and Theoretical Study of the Factors Supporting Jordan’s Regime Stability

2013 Graduates Thesis Title
Kerim Kaya Aksoy Stranger in My Own Home: Discrimination Against the Property Rights of Greek-Orthodox Foundations in Turkey
River Poinsett Bennett Coming into Play: Energy Independence Rhetoric and the 21st Century American Energy Renaissance
Matthew Cameron The New News: Changing Organizational Structures and Business Models of Student Newspapers
Whitney Chronister Belonging and Exclusion: An Intersectional Case Study of Romani Women’s Transnational Advocacy Networks
Hallie Clark The University of Phoenix: The New Spelman (?): Racial Capitalism, Laziness and the Emergence of For Profit Institutions
Kathryn Clinard Frederick Wiseman’s Influence on the Ethical Considerations in Documentary Filmmaking
Christian N. Garland The Soundtrack of Their Lives: The Sexual Politics of African American Women Singing the Blues
Logan M. Gates Camels and Needles:  Contemporary Debates on Personal Wealth in American Evangelicalism
Ania Giffin Globalizing the Indigenous: International Organizations and Andean South American Indigenous Movement, 1950s-present
Camilla M. Griffiths Intergroup Dialogue in our Communities: Walking the Walk
Charity Harrell “Low-Income Urban Public High Schools Students Treated as Criminals Rather Than Future Leaders: The Proliferation of Metal Detectors, Zero-Tolerance Policies, and Police Patrolling the Hallways as Prerequisites for Learning
Nabilah Jiwani The Question of Resistance: Iranian New Wave and Art House Cinema (1960-2000)
Gina Kim At a Crossroads: Energy Policy in the Post-Fukushima Era
Brianne Pitts Race and Class Conflict in West Africa: Americo-Liberian and Indigenous Liberian Relations in the 19th Century
Weston Reynolds Startup Hubs: Characteristics of Centers of Entrepreneurial Innovation & Charlottesville’s Potential as a Startup Community
Claire Saba When the Opportunity Presents Itself: Women’s Movements During Constitutional Revolutions in Egypt, 1919-2013
Lolan Sagoe-Moses The Well Runs Dry: The Socio-Economic Costs of Political Success: Pan-Africanism as a Quest for Racial Equality through National Independence
Zain Arif Shaikh The Prospects of Islamic Finance in the Western World
Amara Warren Democratizing Credit: Financial Access for the Working Poor
Bradley Whitwell A Miracle in Question: The Chilean Student Movement for Education Reform and a Reflection on 30 years of Privatized Growth
Thomas Wilson The Reluctant Voice of Palestine: An Exploration of the Poetic Works of Fadwa Tuqan

2012 Graduates   Thesis Title
Elizabeth Stratford Bowles Forging the “Field” of Social Entreprenurship
Matthew Lee Cofer The One and the Ninety-Nine: An Examination and Analysis of Rising Income Inequality in the United States
Sarajaneé Davis Black Power, Student Activism, and the Development of Black Studies
Matthew Diton Covering the Shifting Sands: American Media and the Arab Spring
Duan (Kate) Duan The China Bubble
Mark M. Duerksen Monumentalizing Africa’s Momentous Decade: Building Monuments and a Nation in Uganda
Alex Eschenroeder Currents and Sub-Currents: The Long Trek to Comprehensive Health Care Reform in America and The Promise of Patient-Centered Care
Maj-Britt Frenze Hedgehogs in Conversation: Suffering and Guilt in Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov
Annacrizelda C. Funtelar Race, Culture, and History: An Examination of the Political Thought of W.E.B. Du Bois and Franz Boas at the Turn of the Century
M. Pemberton Heath Climate Change in Historical Perspective: A Comparison through Economic and Ethical Frameworks
Tatiana Matthews On Education Reform: The Transcendentalists, John Dewey, and the Harlem Children’s Zone
Victoria McLaughlin Anonymous: What Do We Have to Fear from Hacktivism, the Lulz, and the Hive Mind?
Emma Elizabeth Ying Murphy Dorothy Day and the Integrated Life
Eman Niazi The Golden Lyric: Reflections in the Service of Iqbalianism
Marvin Allen Richards, Jr. Privilege, Power, & Appropriation: The Essence of ‘Authentic’ Performance
Andrew Seidman Why Public Service Journalism Will Endure: Reflections on the American Newspaper Industry, 1945-present
Deeva Shah Genes and Ownership: The Controversy Over Intellectual Property Rights and Patenting Isolated Human DNA
Evan Avery Shields Minority Entrepreneurship & Economic Development: Toward a Theoretical Model of Capital Access
Rehema Wachira Politicizing Education: Kenyan Lessons on Institutional Reform

2011 Graduates Thesis Title
Reginald Benbow Gay is NOT the New Black: Why LGBT Activists Lost the Black Vote in California’s Proposition 8
Scott J. Bowman The Science of the Heart: A Socio-Psychological Overview of Online Dating in the 21st Century
Caitlin Carr Resource Flows: Why Water and Sanitation Should Not Be Neglected
Gregorio Casar White is Right: Working Whites’ Visions of a Raceless, Middle-Class, and Moral America
Ishraga Eltahir The African Union: Promise and Prospects for Africa’s Future
Erin Franey The Roots of Change: The Role of Community Organizing in Addressing Inequality in the United States
Lillian Frost How Does Al-Jazeera Arabic Influence Jordanian Political Attitudes and Identities?
Brian James Gerrard A Comparative Analysis of Supreme Court Decisions, Legislation, and Philosophy Paralleling United States Mexican Immigration Policy and Anti African-American Jim Crowism
Chloe Jordan A New Age of Affirmative Action: Can the Argument of Class-Based Affirmative Action Resolve Today’s Inequalities in the U.S. Public Education System?
Lauren Hillary Kimmel From the Inside Out: A Questioning of Central-Core Imagery in Feminist Art and an Examination of Its Reception
Laura Nelson Virginia Woolf: An Informal Education
Maria Pluta Kristin Lavransdatter: A Study of Marriage In Medieval Norway
Milan Monet Reed “I, too, am America”: The Academic Achievement Gap between Black and White Students
Anna  Sosdian Conscientious Capitalism: The Struggle to Balance Profits and Ethics in Corporate Social Responsibility
Ann Marshall Thomas Development in the Name of Christ: Examining the Mennonite Central Committee’s Work in Bangladesh
Niket Todi Epidemic: An Examination of Type II Diabetes among African-Americans
Jeffrey T. Webb Fragments of a MacIntyrean Liberalism
Andrew Chando Yu The Origins of Extraordinary Acts: The Condition of Agency and Its Paradoxical Heritage



Bailee Ashton Barfield Meredyth Middlemas Gilmore Jamin An Jordan Rodakis
Gardner Beach Bell Grant Harbin James Thomas Anderson Allison Lorraine Scott
Ryan Patrick Bugas Zachary Arthur Knitter Jamelle A. Bouie Sidharth Sethi
William A. Callison Jeffrey Pierce Lamberson William Callison Hamza Shaban
Alison Sarah Deich Brittany Monique Reid Patrick Casey Manal Rana Tellawi
Stephanie Yawa deWolfe Desiree Cara Smith Kathleen Connelly Jia Angeli Carla Tolentino
Matthew E. Dickey John David Thorpe Marta Cook Matthew Trumbo-Tual
Eamon Thomas Drumm Miriam Todras Jessica Rose Haney Quynh Vu
Megan Margaret Durkee Jasmine Wade Laura Harris Melissa Batchelor Warnke
Charles Rixey Gamper Melissa B. Warnke Andrew James Macklin Christian West
    Gautam Malhotra Juana Yunis
    Bernice Denira Ramirez  



May Iola Alston Nicholas Thomas Jordan Adam-Jason Aronstein Caitlin Noelle Howarth
Kaitlin Clary Bottock Anna Natasha Joukovsky Joshua Scott Cincinnati Jennifer Ashley Kane
Peter Robert Brewton Daniel Emly Keyserling Elena Maria Coyle Maha Kausar
Margaret Eugenia Byrne Katherine E. Klem Kate Allison Cristol Jackie Anne Kruszewski
Daniel Rhyne Coates Aaron John Kornblith Rachel Olson Crouch Alana Levinson-Labrosse
Rebecca F. Elliott Allison McNearney Kathryn Joan Daughdrill Timonthy Ly
Wyatt Fore Ben McVane Benjamin Patrick Deforest Daniel James Pike
Mai Omer Hassan Nina Otchere-Oduro Andrew Braedon Duncan Elizabeth Victoria Stork
Jennifer Meghan Hayes Blake Segal Daniel Joseph Fore Charles Arnold Taylor
Grace Kittredge Healy Matthew Sherman McKenzie Elena Haynes Mark Dennis Thyrring
Victoria Lee Ingenito Matthew William Sherman    



Jennifer Leigh Allen Hi-Jae Peter Kang Ali Aghazadeh Naini Patrick Daniel Lane
Kathleen Gene Baireuther Elizabeth Regan Kates Lucy Maddux Alford Jeffrey Adam Lenowitz
Abigail Sage Bellows James Lawrence Kennedy Patrick Douglas Bradshaw Stephanied Irene Maximous
Daniel Robert Ciarrocki Daniel Edward Lipton Samuel Hayim Brody Kimberly Eseosa Osagie
Maddin Meredith Corey Srinivas C. Parinandi Laura Lucille Fairneny Brandon Possin
Jade Alexander Craig Johanna Cristine Peet Gregory Mosteller Garrett Mythili Rao
Pooja Ramesh Dadhania Kathleen Virginia Pennock Philip Martin Gover Jonathan Leserman Robbins
Kurt Leo Davis Lauren Kelley Ross Reema Hijazi Leah Beth Rosenberg
Feryal Farah Dilber David Scott Szakonyi Aaron Miles Kurman Angela Rose Schutte
Jessica Christine Fowler Lucas Lawson Thornton   Jeffrey M. Tebbs
Allyson Elizabeth Gold Zaahira Suhail Wyne    



Ian H. Marcus Amelkin Vicky Ayano Jones Andrew E. Borchini James Watson Head
David Timothy Buckley Laura Elizabeth Parcells Anna Nichols Cavness Caroline Chia Kuo
Cerissa Irene Cafasso Priya Narayan Parker Chien-Chuan (Chris) Chen David Joseph Magoon
Nathan Carl Damweber Nina Anil Patel Thomas Mitchell Deal David Scott McDougall
Sean Kevin Driscoll Bilal Ahsan Qureshi Benjamin Patrick Feldman Erin Yu-Juin McMorrow
Catherine Dunn Guru Basava Raj Sarah Helen Fouts Lauren S. Purnell
Elizabeth Grace Gould Luke Smiley James Luke Godwin Joanna Lynn Roberts
Katie Daly Hamm Kristin Carroll Tracz Nicholas Issac Graber-Grace Sarah Frances Salwen
Brian Thomas Hanlon Luke Eugene Wagner Esther Carol Haley Micah Block Schwartz
Sarah Ann Hinger Mary Catherine Wellons Emily Kristin Harpster Elizabeth Guild Simpson



Lindsay Kylene Bunting Bryan Geoffrey Maxwell Mary Elizabeth Ashburn Sarah Goette Landres
John Washington Burke Lawson Johnston Mcneil James Leo Athas Carolyn Patricia Malcom
Robert Glenn Crow David Cole Metcalf Mazen Mohammed Basrawi Jeffrey Patrick Michalowski
Jamila Ariyomi Crowther James Edward Meyerle Joseph Alexander Bilby Katherine Costa Monahan
Lisa Lear Debessonet Cara Jenine Morlan Karen Elizabeth Courington Areshini Pather
Isaac Matthew Gradman Anil Nicholas Nagraj Amanda Flaherty Doyle Daniel Porter Reid
George Emmett Lynskey Sarah Ann Rude Vinay Jain Deva Rashida Woodly
Brian Edward Maxted Kathryn Nicole Schiller Kimberly Spiering Jones James Thomas Woody
  Anjuli Catherine Verma John Robert Kiess  



Lauren Grant Axelrod Deborah Alejandra Popowski Christen Leah Borgman Danielle Leigh Kalletta
Erick Wilkie Catron Adam Bradley Possner Leona Diane Clague Yau Hei Tanya Lau
Sonia Rosa Chang Tatman Ryder Justin Stuart Cooke Colin Todd Miller
Janelle De Guzman Gatchalian Safura Muhammad Saeed Andrew Scott Dillon Julia Nicole Miller
Britt Higgins Krivicich Peter Ray Saji Weston Ashley Fox Heloule Mohammed Mohallim
Peter Decklin Leary Avalyn Christine Taylor Alexander Porter Gillette Katherine Ann Moore
Gregory Adam Manter Katharine Perkins Thorneloe Michael Brian Hanzel David John Prieto
Ashley Jane Mcdonald Brian Thomas Ullman Shannon Joy Harris Anna Brewer Stilz
Michael Glanz Perez David Wilkinson Varda Hussain  



Nina Adunni Allen Jacob Matthew Myers Ann Stuart Cassell Madeleine Nicole Haeringer
Mary Christine Angione Laura Michelle Probst Thomas Donaldson Cormons Bayne Castle Johnston
Kyle Harrison Chorba Nathaniel Brishen Rogers Margaret Randolph Duval Luciana Fonseca Lopez
Kristen Kimberly Deede Paola Andrea Sanmiguel-Rigueros Daniel Evan Entin Christine Ananda Prince
Amy Elizabeth Dudley Christen Kay Schaefer Nicole Petra-Lena Eramo Kevin Gafford Ritz
David Christopher Fortney Lara Straus Alex Seth Fonoroff Jenny Schuetz
Eugene Simon Kowel Theresa Titolo Beth Helene Freedman Benjamin Robinson Spencer
Jessica Kelly Lowe Christopher Andrew Wood Suhrid S. Gajendragadkar Heather Lynn Stevens
  Minming Wu    



Ian Cristian Anderson Gretchen Ann Maneval Caroline Bradlee Abbot William Wallace Morton
Laura Margaret M. Billings Kathleen W. Mcmahon Randolph Willett Cook Heather Yvonne Osborne
Matthew Paul Bosher Bradley Remington Myers Matthew David Fischer Linda Pino
Sharon Elizabeth Carmichael Jennifer Lee Rackow Megan Rachel Fitzsimmons Justin Guido Rosolino
Andrew Joseph Chambers Brian Mcfadden Renehan Gregory Bogart Forster Michael Dean Sword
Holly Bryanna Cox Haley Elizabeth Rose Aimee Elizabeth Gauthier Richard Morgan Whitfield
Mark David Garrell Ariela Lynn Rozman Katrina Leah Jones Catherine Ann Zanga
Alexander Lewis Hershey Mark Thomas Stancil Lori Lynnette Karalow  
Elizabeth Miyong Kim Hilary Anne Talbot    
Elizabeth Latane Long Matthew Bastian Vanderzalm    
William Bannon Luckert Sarah Ann Vogel    
  Christina Wulf    



Mirande Saint Jane Bissell Heather Melissa Mather Anne Marguerite Allis Stacey Heather O’Bryan
Tara Louise Casey Laura Elizabeth Mayer Michele Christa Bertelli Katherine Ruth Orff
Eduardo Diego Elena James Robert Neumeister Laura Linette Bradbury Kimberley Sue Raymond
Brant David Imperatore Rigel Christine Oliveri Guinevere M. Christmann Courtney Anne Smith
Catherine Blair Kelso Derek Andrew Poteet Brian Richard Dally Jennifer Hunter Smith
Heather Bailey Ladell Jennifer Marie Salera Emily Elizabeth Kalejs Larissa Michele Smith
Laura Irene Maccleery Uyen-Thao Phuong Tran Sven Uwe Koehler Christopher Barry Strain
Kimberly Marie Manno   Christine Marie Maybee Ann Su
    Juan Francisco Mendez Jessamy Raye Taylor
      Neal Robert Troum



Matthew Andrews Aiken Jane Marie Leamy Matthew James Bakkom Heather Denise Maw
Susan Hannah Allen Peter Benedict Mancino Seung-Eun Sue Ann Chung Christine Marie Mercure
Jennifer Kristin Brandsberg Jackson Wyatt Moore Alexandra Lee Cooper Laura Ann Meredith
Sheila Marie Cavanagh Thomas Jefferson Peistrup Andrew Charles Diefenthaler Robyn S. Roberts
Rachel Marie Duel Kathleen Michelle Powers Keith Raymond Donnelly Marit Annika Simenson
Danielle Christine Dunne Dorothy Ann Richman Thomas Patrick Gearty Sharon Elizabeth Soons
Jennifer Elaine Frantz Paul Michael Sneed Robert William Hildreth Anne Catherine Stuhldreher
Caroline Dorothea Garkisch Mark Andrew Vallianatos Bonnie Hope Hoffman Christopher J. Von Rautenfeld
Joseph Walter Jacquot Amy Johnson Wicks Janet Stuart Jenness Mary Reaves Wimbish
Amy Lynn Kratz   Andrea Lynn Makranczy Karen Dale Zivi



Standish Alexander Wasiq Nawaz Khan Laura Patricia Brugger Shelley W. Viv Pyne-Hanley
Amy Victoria Argetsinger Robin Melina Kinsman Charles Whitney Deem Tara Jai Radin
Rudolph Counts Barnes Keith Ulrich Kuder Darlene Paige Deuterman Thomas Edward Reiber
Kathleen Lee Clarke Christopher A. Mckenna Peter Andrew Elsea Mark Gerard Reintjes
Paul Kenneth Dougherty Edward Harlan Mills Ruth Marie Griffith Susan Diane Ricks
Christina Marie English Robert Jerome Silber Grace Elizabeth Han Leslie Beryl Rock
Ayman Hossam Fadel Samuel Wall Van Leer David Ross Hennigan Charles Wylie Scarborough
Ian Fisk Gina Marie Viola Brandon Griffin Hudson Katharine Enid Smith
Jennifer Sonya Glickman Anthony George Wilhelm Antony Bradley Klapper Alan David Surchin
Mary Seton Hanlon   Jonathan Todd Laba Laura Ann Svat
    James Henry Mcgrath Philip Andrew Townsend
    Stephen Dennis Otero Elizabeth Emma Tsakonas
    Ricardo Padron Karen Patricia Yamhure



Nathan Abse Kevin Gunn Moure H. Leon Aussprung John Avaness Nazarian
Jeri Camille Baskerville Robert Foust Parsley Stuart Joshua Chasanoff James Graham Noyes
Erik Stephen Bennett Michael Craig Rosenstein John Robert Cuti Steven John Petrucello
Charles Jeffrey Biberman Gregory Thomas Shaheen Steven Joseph Duesterhaus Adam Christopher Pritchard
Karen Amy Block Peter Michael Sherman Dawn Elizabeth Ely Alexander C. Sedgwick
Katherine Lindsay Evans Marshall Moore Slayton Kenneth Neil Farrall Leslie Elizabeth Sorenson
Edward Francis Findlay David Joseph Speca Margaret Colleen Gorove Robert Anthony Stewart
Coleen Ann Fox Benjamin Theodore Strader Kathryn Lisa Hohman Peter David Tarter
Ronni Ellen Fuchs Kirsten Ann Sylvester Tariq Dag Khan Laura Camille Tuley
John David Hopkins Edmund Myers Talley Lisa Lynn Miller Victoria M. Von Der Mehden
Stephen Crichton Jordan Amy Elizabeth Wellborn   Jon Bradford Zachman
Gary Scott Klein Harry George West    
Stewart Joseph Lagarde Kenneth David Woodrow    
Foon Kyu Lee Miwon Yi    
Kristine Jungae Lee Steve Yusik Yun    
Jeffrey Marcel Miller Gregory John Zemanick    



John Randolph Ashburn Stephen Wesley Harrison Justine Beck Elisa Jean Holquist
David Jonathan Bame John William Herrmann Adam Mitchell Behrman Ariadne C. Kelarakis
Margaret Ellen Berger Arnold Martin Karklis Joseph Francis Bovino Robert Keith Long
Brent E. Bundick Kevin Michael Kertscher Stephanie Sparks Chase Patricia Ann Ross
Brian Lee Carr Sonja Elizabeth Moore Gregory Vaughn Deklever Philip Eric Urofsky
Amy Elizabeth Clipp Kirsten Marie Obadal Andrea Leigh Edelen Samuel Young Wessinger
Christopher John Erceg Edward Wyllys Taylor Robinson Laura Vaught Farthing Andrew Mills Wise
Susan Deborah Fried Mara Lyn Schoeny    
Traci Cameron Friess Ashlin Wyatt Smith    
Lorenzo Vernon Goco Christopher Spencer Stoneman    
Martha Ellen Harris Jay Scott Whetzel    
  Richard Kennon Williams    



Richard Charles Armstrong Lisa Michelle Hall Kristin Ann Allen Robert Emmet Mccarthy
Melissa Claire Bartick Geoffrey Charles Kittredge Ann Louise Bair Kathleen Marie Ryor
Gregory Mitchell Broyles Richard Thomas Maier Michelle Maria Benecke Mary Christine Shenot
Sarah Lynn Collins Lisa Anne Marshall Kate Daly Scott Andrew Simmons
Gerald Joseph Ferguson John Moler Molloy Joan Eagan Robyn Lea Surrells
Thomas Rhea Fussell Ralph Charles Muldrow Brian Paul Goldstein Jane Lynn Taylor
Diana Marie Godard Carla Jane Pommert Anne Hampford Susan Elizabeth Temmink
    Christopher John Hartman David Ball Trinkle
    Carol Hayes John Barry Vesser
    Claire Elise Landry Daniel Dulany Vest
    Mary Janet Lessard Lisa Ann Yost



Julia Robinson Baldwin David Joseph Lane Robert Wayne Horn Dennis Slon
Jacqueline Fay Bausch Frederick Lawrence Laux William Faulkner Lummus William Brice Smith
Daniel Carey Steven Douglas Mcclintock Therese Marie Rolufs George Nichols Snyder
Louis J. Cusano John Edwin Parrish Emily Russell Lisa Anne Tisdale
Marie Christine Dullea Claire D. Schaeffer Lawrence David Schlang Bruce Sandness Wilson
Judith Christine Greenberg Roger Ellis Scott    
Steven Alan Harris Thomas Craig Sutton    
Stephen C. Kimmel